How to draw Aquarius – 12 signs of the zodiac l Then and Now | Huta chan

How to draw Aquarius – 12 signs of the zodiac l Then and Now | Huta chan

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  1. Obanai Iguro says:

    Chị ơi ! Chị vẽ cung xử nữ đc ko chị

  2. Thua Lê thi says:

    Vẽ cho thiết yết ạ(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  3. Nikki Plays says:

    Im aquariussss

  4. Mariana Hernadez says:

    Enseñanos a dibujar así da clases por you tube porfis 🙂

  5. dũng vũ mạnh says:

    Chị ơi chị vẽ cung xà phu đi ạ

  6. #Faranduleando mx says:


  7. Luana Satiro says:

    I love your drawings are awesome

  8. Jaimee Felicilda says:


  9. Tram Tran Thi Ngoc Tram says:

    Em cung bảo bình

  10. Yeon Yi Kim says:


  11. hà Thang Ta says:

    Chị vẽ cung Kim ngưu Đi

  12. Victoria Star says:


  13. Catema _Playz says:

    I'm an Aquarius and I the hair texture and colour looks very similar to mine! My hair is just not as long.

    The picture looks amazing as always!

  14. An Lê says:

    Vẽ đẹp quá 👍 ! Nó hút hồn em rồi , thiệt là tuyệt quá 👍😃

  15. Florent John De Fiesta says:

    Huta chan: draws a hand like a pro.
    Me:draws a hand and erases everything.

  16. Esther Jheng says:

    It’s perfect!

  17. Gabbi And me plays says:

    Can you pls draw me just suggesting ,and what will I look like when I'm animated

  18. Chí Thiện says:

    Màu nc mau ở đâu vậy bạn

  19. P. Nagur P. Nagur says:

    I love it😘😘😘

  20. Haruka Michiru says:

    I love this picture❤❤
    And if possible, could you draw Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenoh in style of princess and prince? Thanks. I really like that couple, but no one draws😞

  21. Tú Lê says:


  22. MyrddinStud says:

    Do you sell prints?

  23. Lee SongWeaver says:

    All of your art is so beautiful. I aspire to draw and produce art like yours. I really like the Zodiac series of videos (like this one), and I would really like to see your interpretation of the Chinese zodiac as well. Or maybe other constellations in human form since there are so many animals and mythological figures in them (I'd love to see Camelopardalis the Giraffe, Vulpecula the Fox, Draco the Dragon, Tucana the Toucan, and more in your style!)! Keep up the fantastic work @Huta Chan!

  24. FeeCoups17 says:


  25. FeeCoups17 says:


  26. hyunmi myung says:


  27. terzo gamerz says:

    Please teach me how to draw eyes😌

  28. Cococan. dra says:

    Aquarius male version …

  29. Panchatapa Das says:

    Please don't use the speed next time you give a drawing….

  30. Thy Nguyen says:

    Aquarius is my sign of zodiac.

  31. Bình Lê says:

    All your pictures are cool!!

  32. Neha Badonia says:

    This is sooooooooo beautiful

  33. park mochi says:

    Love how she makes the zodiac signs as accessories or tattoos. Talk bout creativity on a whole new level.

  34. TAN ZHI EN Moe says:

    You are a good artist

  35. TAN ZHI EN Moe says:


  36. TAN ZHI EN Moe says:

    I am aquarius,I BORN IN FEBUARY 9TH 2011

  37. ItsAngelllPlayz says:

    May i request something can u do a Ladybug Queen or a Dragon Queen and i wanna say something you have such an amazing talent keep it up and i wanna be like you in the future and hope you get to 1 million soon

  38. Valerie TAO says:

    Me: Sees drawing of aquarious poring water
    Me again: HEY!

  39. Kim Y says:

    Eraser: exists Huts Chan : meh I’ll just put cha right here just in case never uses it

  40. nhien Vuthi says:


  41. Khoirun Nisa AZ Zahroo says:

    wow this picture is very beautiful, I like this

  42. Samantha Kamman says:

    I do not understand how

  43. JAYMIE MUNGCAL says:

    Im aquarius zodiac sign 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. JAYMIE MUNGCAL says:

    Wow i love it

  45. JAYMIE MUNGCAL says:

    Is that ♒😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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